Friday, December 21, 2007

Enjoying the weather in Florida

Sorry for the lack of posts. My parents were vacationing in Florida between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I decided to join them for a little more than a week in Little Torch Key. We were about 25-30 miles north of Key West. I missed the worst week of weather so far. Yeah!

We went on the ghost tour. What fun. It was dark, and the stories were great. The one that really freaked me out was a story about Robert, the doll.

Before I went home we stopped at the museum just outside the airport that "owns" Robert. I wanted to buy a t-shirt for my son, Bob. The back of the t-shirt has a picture of the doll Robert and says something like "Robert did it." It was a slow morning at the museum and my mom chatted with the clerk about why I was buying the shirt.

The clerk looked up and smiled. "You want to go back? I won't charge you." OMG! Well, what the heck. I said, "Sure."

She led me back and I noticed that my parents stayed in the lobby. So much for parental support. She pointed down the hall and said, "He's in that case. Do you see him?"

When I turned back to answer her, she was gone. OMG!!!!!!

I took a quick picture and skedaddled out of there.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 65 Rug Hooking Progress

I had more done than I thought when I reviewed my last entry so here's another picture. I'm beginning to think the hit and miss is too large. If I make it smaller, I will have to add additional borders to keep the finished size. I need to start thinking about this now because the worse thing that can happen is that I finish hooking the entire inside area and I don't have a clue what I want to do with the borders.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Not much rug hooking, lost in Computer Land

Sorry for the lack of activity. I haven't been hooking all that much. My goal for this winter is to rewrite my website, I started this website almost 7 years ago and it has become disorganized and needs an update.

I have to learn new software and I've been playing around with adding video. You have seen some of that in the past posts. I'm beginning to understand how to get it on the internet - I still don't know how to make me look better on film though. I contacted a webmaster that was willing to work with me. He would do the heavy lifting and I would decorate. He hasn't responded to my newest emails or voicemails so I think I am on my own. I do need help with testing and that's where you come in. If you are interested in seeing what is going on before the "public" does, send me an email. I will send you links from time to time to look at. You will send me an email with your comments. Your feedback is very valuable to me. I need users of all types, PC, Mac, novice and experienced.